UnbeLEAVEable Product Line

To provide better health for home, we develop versatile HVAC products to fulfill customers' culture and aesthetics. We clean the air & water from temperature, humidity, cleanness, and freshness.

  • [PAC] Portable Air Conditioner
  • [PAC] Mini Portable Air Conditioner
  • [DH] Household Dehumidifier
  • [DH] Industrial Dehumidifier
  • [AP] Air Purifier
  • [AP] Versatile Air Treatment Machine
About Us
United International was established in 1999, the office locates in Taiwan. We've cooperated with the qualified manufacturer "Zhongshan Lianchang" for 15+ years. The factory locates in Guangdong, China, exporting portable appliances to the EU, USA and the world. Product mix: Portable air conditioner, dehumidifier, air purifier and air water generator.