United International Co., Ltd.
Reliable Home Appliance Supplier

As one of the pioneers of the portable home appliance.

We strive to develop better products.

Portable Air Conditioner | Dehumidifier | Air Purifier | Water Generator


What We Do
We cooperate with the professional manufacturer -
Zhongshan Lianchang Co., Ltd. to develop products.
To become an "AirMaster" solving the air problems, 
we care about the temperature, the humidity,
the cleanness, and the freshness of the air.


How We Design
Technology is revolutionizing and consumers' lifestyle is changing.
United International pushes ourself to think one step forward.
We try. We explore. We innovate. We create. We produce. 


Who We Care
We only have one Earth.
Respect all the creatures and protect the only environment.
Reduce the harm, Reduce consumption, Reuse resource.

Product Concept ─ SIMPLICITY

The NEXT stage of smart living: Simple Living. 

Simplify the Operation.
Simplify the Function.
Simplify the Decision.
Simplify the Need.

The time and cost should spend on better things.

+Simple Living+

[One Replaces Several Products] 

Simplify Control
[One Button Operation]

+Cosy Atmosphere+

Precise Control
[Temperature & Humidity]

Clean Air Circulation
[Filtration, Purification, and Sterilization]

+Green Product+

Environment Protection
ROHS Certified]

Sustainable Management
Eco-Friendly Refrigerant ]

+Energy Efficiency+

Energy Saving
[Improve Efficiency]

Energy Reuse
[Air & Water]