• Comprehensive Product Line

    To provide better health for home, we research the culture and aesthetics among different markets to generate more product designs and fulfill customers' preferences. We create clean air & water from temperature, humidity, cleanness and freshness.

  • [PAC] Portable Air Conditioner

    【High mobility & Easy installation product】: (A)4in1: Cooling Heating Dehumidifying Ventilating | (B)4-Steps fan speed control | (C)Smart program with sleep mode | (D)24-Hrs timer for auto on/off | (E)Front & Back air outlet interchanging design | (F)Build-in exhaust hose

  • [PAC] Mini Portable Air Conditioner

    【6in1 Summer's Outdoor Partner】: (A)Cooling+ Heating+ Humidifying+ Dehumidifying+ Air Purifying+ Ventilating in 1 | (B)Big Water Tank | (C)Only 350w Power Consumption | (D)HEPA & Activate Carbon Filters | (E)3-Steps fan speed control

  • [DH] Household Dehumidifier

  • [DH] Industrial Dehumidifier

  • [AP] Air Purifier

  • [AP] Versatile Air Treatment Machine

  • [AWG] Air Water Generator