• [EXPO] 2018 HVAC/ Electronics EXPO is coming!


    We're now preparing the exhibitions of 2018~
    Please come to see our new products in below exhibitions.
    More details are coming soon!!
    2018 United Expo Schedule
     The  Exhibition  Date  Location  Booth  Info.
     Hong Kong Electronics Fair  April 13th~16th, 2018  Hong Kong, China 3B-D02  More→
     The 123rd Canton Fair 2018  April 15th~19th, 2018  Guangzhou, China 4.2L43  More→
     REVAC Expo & Forum 2018  July 17th~19th, 2018  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia TBD.  More→
     Eletrolar Show 2018  July 23th~26th, 2018  São Paulo, Brazil TBD.  More→
     Hong Kong Electronics Fair  Oct. 13th~16th, 2018  Hong Kong, China TBD.  More→
     The 124th Canton Fair 2018  Oct. 15th~19th, 2018  Guangzhou, China TBD.  More→
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  • [Product] 2018 NPD projects are ongoing!

    2018 New Product Development Projects

    -Cassette Type AC: For the bathroom, For elevator
    -Industrial Portable AC: For the elevator, For equipment
    -Air Water Generator: Freestanding Type, Desktop Type

    See More
  • [Product] 2018 Product Line is updated!
  • [Support] 2018 Product Catalog in on! Download Now~

    2018 Catalog is on ~

    Go and Download heren→ Download Catalogues

    *2018 Portable Air Conditioner
    *2018 Household Dehumidifier
    *2018 Versatile Air Purifier/ Cleaner
    *2018 Industrial Equipment (AC & DH)
    *2018 Desktop Air Water Generator
    *Simplified-Chinese Leaflets